Packaging safety


The model is fragile. To facilitate the protection of the model from wind, rain, dust and other natural damage during transportation and to effectively relieve the issues including collision, vibration, extrusion, falling, sliding, rough handling and larceny, our company proposes the use of aviation package case. The bulk of the case is made of plunk and aluminum material and product. Inside, there is shockproof foam with foam grip handles at both sides to reduce the weight and safety angels set up at the four corners to deal with the risky factors caused by conflicts. At the bottom of the case, there are brake wheels that can be used to roll to move or to be fastened to the ground. The case has two sets of latches to enhance the security of the goods. Besides, each turning point of the case is reinforced with aluminum products, which increase the duration. Meanwhile, the plunks, foam and other components are all customized in size to the size and weight of the model in order to increase the stability during transportation and convenience of installment. Moreover, the aviation case can be used repeatedly and free from fumigation.

The model is fragile!

Packaging is an art!


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