After-sales service

About service and after-sale service:

All models are produced at our factory, which can be checked and accepted by clients directly at the factory or indirectly via the photographs of the product. When the acceptance test is satisfactory, we will make delivery or deliver and install the product for clients.

For the clients out of Shanghai who check and accept the product by viewing photographs, you can contact the customer service in time if you find the model disqualified or damaged during transportation to use the return-to-factory service. Our factory will bear the freight charges.

After the models are checked and accepted, our company will provide two-year’s free service of maintenance and repair if the damage to the models are not artificial within warranty time. If the damage is artificial or the two-year warranty time is expired, our company will only charge for the material fares when the clients ask for our maintenance and repair.

During the warranty time, the client can feel free to contact our customer service staff who will make quick response within 12 hours and help solve the problem.

During the two-year warranty time, Shanghai Xiumei Customer Service will follow up with telephone tracking service according to the model delivery time to learn the model’s current state and offer the guidance of maintenance.

By the spirits of Health, Stability, Development and Win-win, Shanghai Xiumei Model Company Ltd take any problems that clients may encounter seriously and make a favorable image in the industry.  

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